Meet our Team

Our team consists of the following Registered Massage Therapists:
Josh Lutes, Jolyane Richard, Sylvie Blanchard, Dave Vienneau, Sherilyn Sock, Chris Sloan, Mathieu Boudreau and April Bresky.

Josh Lutes is the Founder and CEO of Maritime Medical Massage Clinic. He has successfully opened clinics in Moncton and Saint-Louis-de-Kent.  His 3rd location will be opening soon in Sackville!!!

The Moncton location is managed by Sylvie Blanchard.
The Saint-Louis-de-Kent location is managed by Jolyane Richard. 

For more detailed information on each Registered Massage Therapist, you can click on their names below.

Josh Lutes RMT/NFA

Josh Lutes, RMT

Founder and CEO
Works @ the Moncton location

Sylvie Blanchard RMT

Sylvie Blanchard, RMT

Moncton Clinic Manager / RMT in Moncton

Jolyane Palmer RMT

Jolyane Richard, RMT

Saint-Louis-de-Kent Clinic Manager / RMT in Moncton & Saint-Louis

Jolyane Palmer RMT

Dave Vienneau, RMT

Moncton Location

Samantha Hebert RMT

Sherilyn Sock, RMT

St Louis-de-Kent Location

Summer – Medical Administrative Specialist

Chris Sloan, RMT

Moncton Location

Summer – Medical Administrative Specialist

Mathieu Boudreau, RMT

St Louis-de-Kent & Moncton Location

Jolyane Palmer RMT

April Bresky, RMT

Moncton Location